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Incentive Rules


Blue Collar Breeders L.L.C. Is a non-profit incentive, designed to boost the barrel horse industry and pay the breeders for their commitment to the stallions within this program.  Blue Collar Breeders LLC is designed to be a transparent organization with a Board of Directors that consists of members all owning stallions that are a part of the program.  New board members will be nominated by the board and will be approved by 2/3 majority of the board.   The Blue Collar Breeders LLC is the only program of its kind boasting a 100% payback,  no foal nomination fee,  and a hefty paycheck for the breeders.   The following by-laws are in place to insure the integrity of the program.  In order for these by-laws to be amended, there will need to be a proposal made by a board member and passed by 2/3 majority of the stallion owners paid into the program. 

Foal Eligibility 

Foals conceived in the year a stallion is paid in and in good standing with Blue Collar Breeders LLC will be eligible to compete for prize money as well as any foal conceived in a year prior to a stallion being the program. If a stallion drops out of the program all foals conceived from that date forward will not be eligible for the Blue Collar Breeders Incentive events. 

There will be no nomination fee or yearly fee to enroll the foals in to the BCB LLC.  

Event Rules

There will be no substitutions, refunds, vet releases or transfer of entry fees.

All entries must include a copy of the horse's registration papers showing current horse owner.

Any entry postmarked after a deadline should include the appropriate late fee.

Late fees must be paid before the event starts. 

No winnings will be issued to owners or breeders until a current W-9 is on file with the BCB office.

BCB events are not divisional events and will be paid out on a straight pay format. 

Go Rounds 

100% of entry fees and 100% of the collected late fees will be paid out in the event go rounds. Winnings will be issued to the horse owner. 



100% of BCB added money will be paid out on an aggregate format as follows.

$150,000 ADDED EVENT




  1. $40,000

  2. $20,000

  3. $15,000

  4. $10,000

  5. $6,000

  6. $4,000

  7. $3,000

  8. $2,000


  1. $15,000

  2. $10,500

  3. $7,500

  4. $5,500

  5. $4,000

  6. $3,000

  7. $2,500 

  8. $2,000





  1. $15,000

  2. $10,000

  3. $6,500

  4. $4,000

  5. $2,000

  6. $1,250

  7. $750


  1. $6,500

  2. $3,500

  3. $2,000

  4. $1,250

  5. $1,000

  6. $750

  7. $600


BCB Main Event Payment Schedule

  • March 1st of the competition year - Entry Fee $500 

  • March 2nd to May 1st - Entry Fee $500 + $250 Late Fee, Total $750

  • May 2nd to August 1st - Entry Fee $500 + $500 Late Fee, Total $1000

  • August 1st or later - Entry Fee $500 + $1500 Late Fee, Total $2000


*Entries that are not mailed prior to 10 days of the BCB event need to be made at the event site. Please watch BCB social media for the schedule of onsite entries. 

*Entry fees paid at the event will be cash or card only.

Stallion Eligibility

The Blue Collar Breeders LLC is currently 60 Stallions, with an enrollment fee of $5000.  Bi-annually stallion owners will vote on how many stallions are allowed for the following years, with a MAXIMUM of 70 Stallions.  Since the inception of BCB, stallion owners have had the chance to vote on increasing the number of stallions enrolled twice, each time having opted to add 10 stallions. Thus, changing the initial 40 stallions to 60 stallions in BCB. 2025 will be the next vote to increase the number of stallions enrolled.

There will always be public and current waitlist published on the BCB site.  


If a stallion dies and there is frozen semen, the stallion can remain in the program per AQHA breed rules on frozen semen.  


If a stallion dies or becomes sterile, and there is no frozen semen available, the stallion owner can replace said stallion with another stallion as long as the "replacement" stallion has been in the owners name for at least 180 days.  The deceased stallion's foals will be eligible for the incentives.  


If a stallion dies and the stallion owner does not have a replacement stallion that fits the criteria above, the spot will die and the next horse on the waitlist will be offered the opportunity to enroll in Blue Collar Breeders LLC.  If the first horse on the waiting list declines, the spot will be offered to the next stallion on the waitlist, etc.


If a stallion is sold, Blue Collar Breeders LLC stallion spot can be transferred to the new owner with the stallion. 


A stallion owner can exchange stallions, but if the owner switches a stallion the original stallion will not be allowed back into the program, unless he changes ownership.  Blue Collar Breeders LLC stallion owners can make a change of two stallions in 10 years.  Any stallion exchange must meet all ownership and other Blue Collar Breeders Stallion Eligibility requirements.

Stallion owners will be allowed a maximum of two stallion spots in the Blue Collar Breeders program. 

The enrollment fee of $5000 can be increased by a proposal by the board and 2/3 majority vote of the stallion owners.   If the enrollment fee is increased, all stallion enrollments will increase.  


Half of the stallion enrollment fee is due in the BCB office by September 15th and is not refundable. The remaining half is due in the BCB office by December 15th no payments will be accepted after December 15th.  Stallion enrollment fees are non-refundable, but if half is paid and something happens to the stallion or you wish to switch stallions, please refer to Stallion Eligibility requirements in order to substitute a stallion.  


Blue Collar Breeders LLC reserves the right to refuse the enrollment of any stallion. 


Each stallion owner, farm or syndicate will be allowed one vote.

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